American Field

American Field, Digital Marketing & Print

For American Field, cultural gatherings serve as a pillar to all communities, and large-scale local markets have been a way to engage in social communication, collaboration, and innovation. To create a new visual identity for the 2017 summer market, American Field and RCAD built out a complex redesign of their promotional materials. These materials were matched with a crowdfunding initiative titled “The Hatchery” where American Field’s sister company, Ball and Buck produced experimental product samples and engaged their community to fund the pieces for means of production at American Field Events.

American Field and RCAD developed the strategy, launch campaign, exhibition, and branded marketing assets promoting these individualized local markets across America. The events brought together local artisans, influencers, creatives, and innovative entrepreneurs by inviting them to “Sip, Talk, and Play” at their markets. This inviting strategy evokes people to come as they are and support the local products they love-- promoting collaboration and brand expansion for many small companies.

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