Amma of Antiquity

Amma of Antiquity, Website Design, Branding, & Digital Interaction

The new digital realm for Amma of Antiquity will be unveiled in May 2022. Founded in 2018 by Bea Dimica, Amma of Antiquity has long supported individuals in their spiritual journey through magical practices and psychological healing. Amma promotes collaboration between healer and client through psychology, science, magic, and culture by hosting a myriad of events, publications, and private teachings.

The new website, combined with a logo and well-researched design system actively promotes the founder’s core values of internal exploration and dream searching. RCAD worked in close collaboration with Amma of Antiquity to develop a versatile brand identity and web-based platform that links the founder’s diverse activities across her digital channels. Every aspect of the user experience has been passionately considered using magic as the main driver for print marketing materials, website design, digital, and promotional content. Amma’s website showcases a complex coded playground enticing the user to feel uplifted by spirituality in their exploration of the site through animation, mystical interactions, and various magical easter eggs of code across the responsive and hyper-interactive digital wonderland.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Motion Media
Web Development