Artist David Judelson

Artist David Judelson, Website Design & Digital Interaction

The showcase website and design system of David Judelson express the artist's legacy through kinetic art, architectural design, humorous sculptures, public commissions, and the ability to mentor herds of people at once. David Judelson’s website is an illuminated digital archive that holds a collection of works from his 50-year career and continuous inspirational teachings.

Gallery pages and hyper-interactive layouts mimic David’s abstract structures and praise his historic career. An enormous amount of detail was given to his network of older patrons by using accessibility as a key driver to design the bold interface of the website. RCAD worked closely with the artist to ensure his message of contemporary creative culture was heard by implementing a logic-based commenting system using CMS database management. A growing studio of creatives sits under David’s mentorship and the architectural inspiration used to build the site mimics the support he provides for fellow artists and young designers.

The dichotomy between catering to the next generation and the previous one is celebrated by the interactive yet bold nature of the design system and website. David uses his responsive site not only to excite his previous patrons but bring in new ones by generating conversations around creativity, humor, and design.

Web Development
Graphic Design
Motion Media
Art Direction