Cartesian Capital Group

Cartesian Growth Corporation Website design, Graphics, & Brand Expansion

For the initial SPAC IPO presentation at the 2020 Cartesian Growth Corporation annual meeting, RCAD served as the head designer in the website launch and graphic production of presentation materials. RCAD designed an unseemingly complex labyrinth of a website that continues to showcase the creative business strategy and IPO success that CGC is known for. CGC’s flexible system of corporate components is matched with minimalistic interactions and animated representations of data. On the website, the design system is highlighted through structured pages of press releases and SEC filings, governance documents, and public presentations.

Working with publications firm Prosek Partners, RCAD successfully integrated and designed pages to promote the marketing release of each SPAC IPO through custom coding stock tickers and preparing various logos representative of CGC’s 2 individual SPACs. With the expected expansion of the site into CGC2 by the end of 2022, RCAD continues to support CGC with graphic assets while the combined company is expected to oversee $54 billion in assets under management (AUM) and assets under advisement (AUA) on behalf of families and institutions around the world. The CGC website focused solely on information distribution and corporate exposure.  CGC2 will see the site dissect into an inception of three sites within one domain, paradigmatic of the multiple SPAC IPOs CGC will release. Logos for CGC, CGC1, and CGC2 focused on the sophisticated approach to negotiation CGC possesses and are characteristic of the logo from their sister private equity firm, Cartesian Capital Group, forming brand cohesion across all channels.

In the website build and presentation content, RCAD used the juxtaposition of CGC’s success and corporate design system in an elevated and organized fashion. Adding elegance to their current success and promoting further trust for current investors. RCAD’s site build successfully demonstrates the ability of responsiveness on all webpages and browsers as well as mobile screens to further promote a trustworthy user experience for investors.

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