Pixie the Artist

Pixie the Artist, Website Design & Content Production

Pixie the Artist is a talented creative and budding art therapist at the precipice of her career. She is working toward becoming a licensed expressive therapy clinician by 2025. The majority of her work focuses on materials people no longer love or by using her body to mimic emotional breakdowns in paint. Additionally, Pixie has begun keeping a public diary in the form of a blog.

The diary serves as a psychological study notebook where she comments on the dark behavioral details of taboo subjects such as job hunting, panic, and even how to cope with your death. RCAD came in to ignite the fire of her online presence. Where the mission was to represent her work stylistically without overshadowing it.  To translate these ideas digitally, RCAD created a dynamic one-page archival website with an adjoining public diary for psychological studies and commentary. Bold text adorns the high contrast website to pay homage to her inspirational grandfather, Dr. Roger Dionne, MD whose 52-year career inspired her father to pursue medicine and is now inspiring her.

Roger loves to learn every day, however with declining eyesight, he now struggles to read and use websites. This site is accessible for him and others who struggle to use the web. Accessibility is a common theme in RCAD’s work and made for an inventive collaboration with Pixie. In addition to the responsive and interactive digital archive, RCAD prepared digital marketing materials to launch the site's debut.

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