The Profesh

Profesh Software Design, Prototyping & Branding

Profesh is an online community aimed toward the next generation of professionals, job seekers, and mentors – from curated user news feeds, industry-specific content pulled from Instagram/Twitter & Tiktok, job boards, and mentor recommendations. Working closely with The Profesh team RCAD developed a fresh & bold visual identity, software design, and flexible design system that showcases the brand’s value for educating the future workforce. RCAD crafted a custom logotype and paired it with a detailed visual layout of the software and a sophisticated working HTML digital prototype.

The project was additionally supported with social media content, 3D illustration for future website use, and an instructional design system. The Profesh software design and subsequent content use heavily researched user psychology, community tested page layouts, off-white neomorphism design and bold typography for easy viewing. To ensure a streamlined rollout of the brand, RCAD directed the team to follow the brand strategy guidelines strictly and to implement these guidelines across every stage of software and marketing development. RCAD’s prototype successfully demonstrated the ability of responsiveness on all webpages and browsers as well as mobile screens and supported the complex idea of Profesh’s professional online universe.

Art Direction
Web Development
Graphic Design