The Investment Society

The Investment Society, Website design, Branding, & Art direction

Located at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, The Investment Society creates shared experiences by educating the next generation on financial literacy to address inequality. RCAD partnered with The Investment Society to celebrate their continuous efforts in developing in-person programs across New Zealand where young investors and those needing financial guidance can gather to expand their knowledge and practices in the financial sector. The Investment Society aims to grow beyond New Zealand and its design system/website represent the global identity of the international alumni working in finance. The digital platform allows students new and veteran to join the program and connect directly with each other through the site.

This website portrays The Investment Society’s goal of expanding financially literacy to generations as young as 3 years old and it's subsequent presentation materials dynamically present the high return on that investment. The flexible design system mirrors the bear and bull market and their expressively minimal logo represents key drivers of their industry as well as the experience investors feel when within it. RCAD led a comprehensive brand refresh, including strategy, art direction, and production of a full design system alongside the design and production of a complex logic-based website. RCAD implemented the “bull VS bear market” concept throughout the brand's visualization, user experience, presentation materials, social content, and motion media design.

Web Development
Motion Media
Graphic Design
Art Direction