Your Hairs Bestfriend

Yourhairsbestfriend Website design, Branding, Digital Marketing & Print

Day by day, Yourhairsbestfriend Color Bar is a refuge of creative expression where expert stylist Chereen Monet and her team support the care and coloring of all hair types and the love of all humans. Beginning in 2020 Yourhairsbestfriend and RCAD partnered to produce her newest website and build out her dream 10 chair salon. The dynamic design system and heavily branded website celebrated the inclusivity of all hair types and love for all clients. Chereen’s 15 years in the beauty industry are represented through her love of happiness for the client, and her salon's colorful environment.

Comprising logos, 3D prototypes, printed decals, physical signage, an eCommerce-based website, and patterned capes, the salon was streamlined with the website's design system by pulling direct graphic representations of Yourhairsbestfriend into the interior of the space. Her newest location has the layout of a large-scale New York salon but still feeds into the energy of love, attention to detail, and incredible customer care. The designs of typical salons are accented with playful yet corporate walls whereas YHBF tears down that notion through a memorable array of wild colors, custom wallpaper to match her plant collection, and digital accouterments essential to her creative work as a renowned hairstylist.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Motion Media
Web Development